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Sirona News [11 Apr 2012|09:23pm]


Iamdeadsmiles58 - Suicide Stories (ZIP) [Listen]

320kbps - April 2012
Electro / Grind / Experimental

Comments: fuck the martyr.

[Siro097] Marc Broude - Psychological Warfare [22 Jun 2011|11:17am]


Marc Broude - Psychological Warfare

320kbps - June 2011
Industrial / Metal / Noise


01 - Psychological Warfare (5:52)
02 - God Smacker (5:41)

Total: (11:34)

Notes: "Rereleased: Originally released in 2006 (Vinyl Format) on No Zen Records
for more information about it: http://www.discogs.com/Marc-Broude-Psychological-Warfare/release/1447568 "

Marc Broude Website:

Sirona-Records Website:

DOWNLOAD PAGE: http://www.archive.org/details/siro097MarcBroude-PsychologicalWarfare
ZIP FILE: http://www.archive.org/download/siro097MarcBroude-PsychologicalWarfare/siro097MarcBroude-PsychologicalWarfaresingle.zip

Comments: fuck the martyr.

[Siro094] & [Siro095] [21 Jun 2011|08:07pm]


Iamdeadsmiles58 - For Everything We All Lost

128kbps - June 2011
Grind / Electro / Noise

DOWNLOAD PAGE: http://www.archive.org/details/siro094Iamdeadsmiles58-ForEverythingWeAllLost
ZIP FILE: www.archive.org/download/siro094Iamdeadsmiles58-ForEverythingWeAllLost/siro094Iamdeadsmiles58-ForEverythingWeAllLost.zip

Iamdeadsmiles58 - Self-Titled

128kbps - June 2011
Grind / Electro / Noise

DOWNLOAD PAGE: http://www.archive.org/details/siro095Iamdeadsmiles58-Self-titled
ZIP FILE: http://www.archive.org/download/siro095Iamdeadsmiles58-Self-titled/siro095Iamdeadsmiles58-Self-titled.zip

Comments: fuck the martyr.

[Siro089] Iamdeadsmiles58 - A Different Animal [18 Jun 2011|04:12pm]


Iamdeadsmiles58 - A Different Animal

128kbps - June 2011
Grind / Electro / Noise

01 - Different Animal feat CyClone (2:12)
02 - The Song That End's (2:14)
03 - Skitsofrenic Saints Sucks Sallys Sweater (1:29)
04 - Make It Snow (2:05)
05 - NYC Where Is Your Heart (4:01)
06 - We All Try To Prophesize The Lies (4:05)
07 - Grindcore Gave Gully Gods a Grave (0:40)
08 - Close (my eyes) (2:04)
09 - Choke The Man (7:08)
10 - Monster's What Do You Want From Me (5:11)
11 - The One (5:28)
12 - In It Win It! (3:35)
13 - Reason's To Believe (7:11)
14 - I am nothing (outro) (7:26)

Total: (54:53)

Bonus: Video clip - Skitsofrenic Saints Sucks Sallys Sweater (1:41)

Iamdeadsmiles58 Website:

Sirona-Records Website:

DOWNLOAD PAGE: http://www.archive.org/details/siro089Iamdeadsmiles58-ADifferentAnimal
ZIP FILE: http://www.archive.org/download/siro089Iamdeadsmiles58-ADifferentAnimal/siro089Iamdeadsmiles58-ADifferentAnimal.zip

Comments: fuck the martyr.

Porngrind Scares You [23 Aug 2008|07:49am]


I have a couple of INSANELY RARE Australian metal items up for sale at the ArtScaresYou Fundraiser Auction  - which is in support of Australian horror and science fiction author Paul Haines, who is battling cancer.

MEDIA: Original Demo Tape

Touted on e-BAY as “the rarest death metal tape on the planet”, this is the debut from the self-proclaimed “most insane band in
the world”- Blood Duster. The demo was released in February 1992, in a limited run of 1,000 - and was never released in this format again.

Two things made the demo a guaranteed conversation piece in the underage scene, and a top choice for home-cooked compilation trade tapes – the lyrics of the song Knee Deep In Menstrual Blood, which blasted unarticulated adolescent male horror and fascination with menstruation out in a repulsed tirade, where inappropriate humour is held up as avant-garde. - and the Intro track, which supplanted the standard metal horror intro with gasping and squealing audio lifted from climaxing lesbian porn. …the consequent ruckus of distaste, revelry in hate-mail, and word of mouth promo by an essentially repeatable dirty joke - this impressed the US label Wild Rags Records enough to proffer a deal, which launched the Blood Duster known and loved, or known and hated, or known and loved and hated today. MENSTRUAL SOUP is a dish fit for the most dedicated CUNT t-shirt wearing of CUNTS.

MEDIA: Demo Compilation Tape

Compiled and released by Blood Duster head honcho Jason Pathetic C**t, this compilation is the namesake for the bonus track on Blood Duster's recently released Fisting The Dead Again CD. Notable for the inclusion of a number of bands who went on the become cornerstones of any serious Australian metal collection, at a time when many of them were virtually unknown. Featured bands are Anatomy (prior to their dubiously fashionable adoption of corpsepaint), Christbait (back when they were hyphenated), Damnatory, Darkcide, dISEMBOWELMENT (before they dropped that capital on the D), Mass Confusion (a major Melbourne thrash band, and a coup to get them on the tape), Necrotomy (first death metal band to perform live on Australian TV on the 1991 Couchman On Heavy Metal special on the ABC- and yes, it was subtitled), Persecution, and Sarcophagus.

It is an extremely early example of the wave of extreme metal styles that would transform Australian metal in the early 90s, with the advent of new sub-genres and an explosion of tape trading and DIY culture. In amazingly pristine condition for a thing so inherently fraught with filth, AFTERBIRTH SMORGASBOARD #1 will sate the hunger of even the most ravenous rare record collector and gorehound. Released in a limited edition, this tape is hand-numbered #25

The auction is open at artscaresyou until the 28th of August.

For more details, visit http://community.livejournal.com/artscaresyou/

To learn more about the Art That Scares You Fundraiser, or to make a direct donation via paypal, check out the most recent Press Release at HorrorScope.

x-posted -- charity fundraiser.
Comments: fuck the martyr.

Agathocles / Armatura - split CD [23 Jul 2008|02:25pm]


New release on Bloodspit Records!

Agathocles / Armatura - split CD
spit 008

Two killer mincecore bands team up for this split! 15 old and new tracks from AGATHOCLES, recorded in 2007 due South America tour and 8 tracks from now defunct Russian band ARMATURA, icnluding cover on AGs "Until It Bleeds".

Comments: 3 skullfucks - fuck the martyr.

Selling off my distro and collection [09 Nov 2007|04:32pm]

Demos and CDS DVDs Books Shirts Records etc.

Napalm Death 1988 7 inch
Comments: 1 skullfuck - fuck the martyr.

Reth are now on Myspace.... [31 Dec 2006|03:38pm]

The skeletal beginnings of a Reth Live Journal page has now been created, so please, click the banner below, come and check it out, and check out the band page on Myspace for songs and more information in the meantime. If you like the sound, then please add us on LJ and MS. Come and say hello, we're lovely people and we play fast! :-)
For fans of grind, technical music, extreme metal, death metal, bit of doom and related mosh activities!!!

RETH Grindfastchuggroovetech! Watch the videos and listen to the songs
Comments: fuck the martyr.

christmas Raw Nerve... [29 Nov 2006|02:10pm]

Get your song requests in, come along and get your christmas presents from us! ;-)

Thanks to Hangman's Joke Records, Undergroove Records, Fetishman Comics, Indigent (Band) for supplying us with presents for every person who comes through the door! Click their names to check out their pages. Get your song requests in, come along and get your christmas presents from us! ;-)

so who's gonna come?
Comments: 4 skullfucks - fuck the martyr.

club and tour.. oh aye! [06 Nov 2006|02:50pm]


Comments: fuck the martyr.

[01 Nov 2006|09:16am]


Hi All,

Just stopping by to let you know about Archives of Pain - a new
band from the Midlands here in the UK. Take the hate-child of
Nasum and Napalm Death, then mate it with either Converge or
Meshuggah (paternity unknown) and you get an idea.  Only
 one song online at the mo, but more to follow shortly, if you 
like the idea please take a moment to drop by their myspace page:


and say 'Hi', I know they'd appreciate it. Great community by the way!


Comments: fuck the martyr.

Petrogrind - 3!!!! all invited! [22 Oct 2006|07:03pm]

The most brutal annual fest in Russia!
PetrogrindCollapse )

Bands and projects, it`s your chance.
all info here http://www.pyrolagnia.net
Comments: 3 skullfucks - fuck the martyr.

man, [28 Jul 2006|12:26am]

the new Fuck The Facts is gonna kick some major ass. August 22. long live the bastardized grindcore.
Comments: fuck the martyr.

[09 Jul 2006|01:14pm]


wensday july 12th @ the barbary
951 Frankford Ave. Phila. PA 19125
$5 dollars and 21+ so bring your fake IDs kids
Comments: fuck the martyr.

New Community [22 Jun 2006|11:48am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello ! We are angry vikings from creepy Moscow, Russia. We' ve created a new spooky brutal_sound_rucommunity for whose souls can't find place in Valghalla!

Comments: fuck the martyr.

First Tracks [14 Jun 2006|01:44am]

Psyho Cyber Porn Grind. Enjoy It...

there is first 3 tracks from full set...

01 - intro

02 - midnight technical masturbation

03 - heroin assfuckin
Comments: 2 skullfucks - fuck the martyr.

[13 Jun 2006|01:13pm]
"Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?" the new single from I'm The Devil's upcoming debut off DeProfundus Productions. (http://www.myspace.com/deprofundusproductions)

you can find it here, take your pick:

Our next single will be out in, let's say, a month. Expect it to be called "Seven."

Comments: fuck the martyr.

I'm The Devil's first single [16 Apr 2006|07:11pm]
The first single -"Robot Affliction" from our upcoming self-titled debut from Deprofundus Productions is up on our myspace.


Comments: fuck the martyr.

[06 Apr 2006|12:22am]

we are Tower Of Rome out of chicago, IL. spaztic grindcore compared to Discordance Axis and "explosions in ward 6"-era Pig Destroyer. we are touring across the entire united states as well as europe this upcoming summer/fall. we need to cover some dates still at this moment so if anyone out there can help out it would be much appreciated, it doesnt matter if its helping us set up a show or at least giving us info on local promoters, etc. we are on HeWhoCorrupts Inc. records. we have a full length, a split cd with GUN KATA (members of HWC/Kungfu Rick/7000 Dying Rats), as well as our newest e.p. coming out 06/06/06.
check out old material here-
here are the dates we need help with...mind you, it doesnt need to be in that exact place, any where near that location works too.
06- buffalo,NY
10- providence, RI
12- New Jersey (anywhere)
14- Washington D.C.
15- richmond, VA
16- durham/raleigh, NC
17- charlotte, NC
18- columbia, SC
19- atlanta, GA
20- macon, GA
21- savannah, GA
22- jacksonville, FL
23- gainesville, FL
24- orlando, FL
25- tallahassee, FL
27- baton rouge, LA
28- houston, TX
30- little rock, AK
11- minneapolis, MN
12- souix fall, SD
13- omaha, NB
17- denver, CO
18- Wyoming
19- salt lake city, UT
21- pendleton, OR
22- seatlle, WA
23- portland, OR
30- phoenix, AZ
21- albequreque, NM\
thanks alot. any help would be very very very appreciated. either respond to this or email: softpyramids@sbcglobal.net
thanks fuckers.
Comments: 1 skullfuck - fuck the martyr.

[22 Jan 2006|03:44pm]


Names Hayley From Canada.

Keep it fucking brutal.
Comments: fuck the martyr.

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