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Porngrind Scares You

I have a couple of INSANELY RARE Australian metal items up for sale at the ArtScaresYou Fundraiser Auction  - which is in support of Australian horror and science fiction author Paul Haines, who is battling cancer.

MEDIA: Original Demo Tape

Touted on e-BAY as “the rarest death metal tape on the planet”, this is the debut from the self-proclaimed “most insane band in
the world”- Blood Duster. The demo was released in February 1992, in a limited run of 1,000 - and was never released in this format again.

Two things made the demo a guaranteed conversation piece in the underage scene, and a top choice for home-cooked compilation trade tapes – the lyrics of the song Knee Deep In Menstrual Blood, which blasted unarticulated adolescent male horror and fascination with menstruation out in a repulsed tirade, where inappropriate humour is held up as avant-garde. - and the Intro track, which supplanted the standard metal horror intro with gasping and squealing audio lifted from climaxing lesbian porn. …the consequent ruckus of distaste, revelry in hate-mail, and word of mouth promo by an essentially repeatable dirty joke - this impressed the US label Wild Rags Records enough to proffer a deal, which launched the Blood Duster known and loved, or known and hated, or known and loved and hated today. MENSTRUAL SOUP is a dish fit for the most dedicated CUNT t-shirt wearing of CUNTS.

MEDIA: Demo Compilation Tape

Compiled and released by Blood Duster head honcho Jason Pathetic C**t, this compilation is the namesake for the bonus track on Blood Duster's recently released Fisting The Dead Again CD. Notable for the inclusion of a number of bands who went on the become cornerstones of any serious Australian metal collection, at a time when many of them were virtually unknown. Featured bands are Anatomy (prior to their dubiously fashionable adoption of corpsepaint), Christbait (back when they were hyphenated), Damnatory, Darkcide, dISEMBOWELMENT (before they dropped that capital on the D), Mass Confusion (a major Melbourne thrash band, and a coup to get them on the tape), Necrotomy (first death metal band to perform live on Australian TV on the 1991 Couchman On Heavy Metal special on the ABC- and yes, it was subtitled), Persecution, and Sarcophagus.

It is an extremely early example of the wave of extreme metal styles that would transform Australian metal in the early 90s, with the advent of new sub-genres and an explosion of tape trading and DIY culture. In amazingly pristine condition for a thing so inherently fraught with filth, AFTERBIRTH SMORGASBOARD #1 will sate the hunger of even the most ravenous rare record collector and gorehound. Released in a limited edition, this tape is hand-numbered #25

The auction is open at artscaresyou until the 28th of August.

For more details, visit http://community.livejournal.com/artscaresyou/

To learn more about the Art That Scares You Fundraiser, or to make a direct donation via paypal, check out the most recent Press Release at HorrorScope.

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